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The Hospital Visit

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Notary Stories by Derrick Spruill

Today, I was able to assist a client at a local hospital during a rainy night. I received a phone call from a woman, and we made an appointment to meet. As I prepared for travel, I received a second phone call from a doctor, from the same location, telling me to hurry, because the client was going into surgery. I arrived earlier than expected after a short drive in the foggy weather.

Once I arrived at the hospital to meet the client, I noticed he was experiencing a lot of pain from a recent car accident. I found myself in a daze or cloud from all the commotion in the hallways and room. The client was able to talk. He was even making jokes. He was joined by his girlfriend and his personal assistant. It’s two o’clock in the morning and he needed papers notarized to release his vehicle from the impound.

I would never forget the words he spoke to me. He said, “Never ever drive when in rage, driving requires too much focus. Don’t get caught up in a conversation over the phone and forgot where you are. Let everyone know- to stay in the moment.” Today’s takeaway is, stay in the moment, focus on one thing at a time giving your undivided attention to that one person or task, but not both.

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