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At the Hotel

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Notary Stories by Derrick Spruill

It’s now 4:15 PM. I’ve been waiting in the hotel lobby since 4:00 PM. A client had already prepaid for me to notarize the purchase of a new vehicle. As I look across the lobby, I see a couple coming from the ballroom. A bride is wearing a beautiful yellow dress with a 12 ft. train. The groom is wearing the most stylish blue tuxedo I have ever seen with an amazing top hat to match.

They’re walking in my direction. The room is erupting with people from all directions. I was amazed that they were looking at me. To my surprise my clients had just gotten married. The bride was purchasing a new luxury vehicle and I was asked to notarize the paperwork after her wedding, before her reception. Wow, talk about structured timing. In small chit chat, I congratulated the bride on her marriage and the purchase of her new vehicle. She was very happy, ecstatic, and she was crying in disbelief. Her honeymoon was abroad and she was leaving tonight.

I was in disbelief too at this particular moment, witnessing everything that was going on. After she finished signing all the documents, her assistant provided, she asked me to join the family in the reception area. I had to respectfully decline. I had another scheduled appointment. I realize people can do whatever they want whenever they want; just plan for it.

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