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The Little Piece of Heaven

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

After driving for 45 minutes into the Appalachian Mountains, I found myself traveling down a dirt gravel road. The scenery was beautiful. The weather was wonderful. I even rolled down my window to take in the moment of the fresh air. As I looked to the right; I was able to see the rolling hills of nothing but green grass and trees. As I looked to the left, I saw beautiful million-dollar homes nestled in between tall oaks and pine trees. I continued to drive for another couple of miles before coming across this home, this house, this building that looked to have been built in the 1800s.

Sitting on a piece of land between new modern-day mansions refusing to be removed or bulldozed from existence. I came across this piece of heaven that has been undisturbed by all the construction around it from the last century, this is a piece of paradise where my client had been living all his life. He had booked and prepaid for a notary online. He made an appointment a week in advance and I was able to meet him today. I was amazed at what I would find in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of heaven.

When I left the client’s home and I started driving away, it took my breath away to have walked into a building, a home, a small house with two bedrooms, that is still standing after 120 years. I realized how much has changed over the last one hundred years and how much things are made the same, like tables, chairs, doors, paintings and picture frames, photographs, window seals, fireplaces, shingles on building, air conditioner in the window, and the many carpets throughout the home. I had to appreciate the long life of people, durability of goods, longevity, and peace on earth.

What would it be like to live in such a place for so long, so far from my world of hustle and bustle surrounded by people from every walk of life, being stuck in traffic, rushing from here to there all day long? I touched that moment of what true peace of mind felt like on this day. It was bliss.

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